Village Baptist Church | Mickey Campbell
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“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


I was raised in Birmingham Alabama and have gone to church almost all of my life. Having realized the need for a personal relationship with Jesus, I gave my life to him at the age of thirteen.  Growing into an adult I was highly influenced by my father who at the age of forty came to church with us for the very first time and accepted Jesus. He became a witness for Christ and a great example for my life. The college years prepared me to become a secondary school teacher, however I entered the retail business upon graduation and later led sales teams in the distribution business. At age twenty I began teaching adult Bible study classes and have continued to do so as today I teach the Fisher’s of Men adult class here at Village. In 2008 I became the church administrator and continue to serve in that capacity.


My hope is that we here at Village show extreme care for people. In doing so we show Jesus in our everyday lives and exhibit his love and grace in our relationships. And that witness will lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. That we not only be missional here but throughout the world by giving strong support to missions here in our community, in our state, nation and abroad.