Village Baptist Church | Maija Campbell
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“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


I was born in Finland and was raised in a Christian home. Our schools were structured and taught Biblical principles. In first grade, I felt the Lord’s presence when I joined the praise team in our schools morning services. During my school years I took part in the school band, sang in the choir, and I read poetry. After graduation I entered the work force, moved to the United States, became a U. S. Citizen. I married, had children, and now have grandchildren.

I came to Village Baptist Church in 1992, and was baptized by Pastor Steve Davies, November 21, 1994. I joined a ladies Sunday school class, and they volunteered me to teach Mission Friends group and a Kindergarten Sunday school class. In 2004 the church began their preschool program and the Lord led me to teach young children.

God opened the doors for me to attend college, and seek my education in Early Childhood Development. It became my passion to learn more, and as I did the Lord prepared me for service with many rich career experiences. As the Preschool Director I am blessed to serve Him, young children and their families through this ministry at Village Baptist.


My hope for Village is that as we teach the Word of God to the little children, the gospel message will go to every home and unite us so that we become one in the house of the Lord.